"A young boy seeking his destiny in the wide, wide world."
—Manual Description
Knight is the main protagonist of Guardian's Crusade. Knight is only his default name, and the player is able to input an alternate name at the game's outset. He is a Silent Protagonist and never explicitly speaks in the text boxes through out the course of the entire game, though it is implied that he does say things, based on the fact that he is able to communicate with other characters.

Though Knight is portrayed as heroic and kind hearted, most of his character is left up to interpretation, much like other silent protagonists such as Link from The Legend of Zelda series. It is clear that he cares about others, particularly his companions. Shortly after Knight leaves Baby in the Cave of Fear at the behest of the Mayor , He 'talks' to Nehani, and states that he wishes to go back for Baby, regretting what he did. He does this despite the specific orders of the mayor, showing that Knight is also not afraid of defying authority.