Cave of Fears is where Knight leaves Baby on orders from the Mayor and later returns to rescue it. It is also the location of the town Kell.

Boss     : Mushmare
HP       : 115
Skills   : Blood Suck, Tongue
Item     : Iron Sword

Boss     : Galestork
HP       : 220HP
Skills   : Diving Beak, Power Gale
Item     : Timeout, Heavy Stone

Items in Cave of Fears part 1Edit

Candy Bar - In a chest west in the second room.

Mysterius Toy - In a chest in the room to the left at the first fork.

Cool Toy -  In a chest in the big skull. In the room to the right at the first fork.

Bronze Shield - Same chest as the Cool Toy

Bronze Sword - In a chest in the second room after takeing left at second fork.

Hamburger - In a chest over the bridge in the room to the left at the second fork.

Items in KellEdit

Mr. O' Neal - Gotten from the Elder after deffiting Mushmare.

Da Bomb - In a chest in the storage room after obtaining Mr. O' Neal.

Items in Cave of Fears part 2Edit

Phoenix - Treasure chest

Walkbomb - Treasure chest

Candy Bar - Treasure chest

Bronze Mail - Treasure chest

Timeout - Galestork, after the boss fight

Heavy Stone - Baby, after the boss fight